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About: Reggie Stokes


Reggie Stokes has been a guitarist for over 40 years. He cut his teeth‬ ‪on early Beatles songs, which inspired him to play the guitar.‬ Gradually, he grew influenced by the Motown sound and many of the‬ ‪R&B/soul artists of the day. Growing up in rural South Carolina near‬ Myrtle Beach, he became a fan of the “Beach music” style, which was a‬ ‪combination of local soul artists such as The Tams, The Embers, and of‬ nationally known groups like The Drifters, The Platters, Wilson‬ Pickett, and many more.‬

‪Later, he stretched out with blues, folk and‬ ‪southern rock. But when a friend introduced him to the art of jazz, he‬ ‪was inspired to become a true student of his art by enrolling to study‬ ‪music at a local community college. ‬

“‪I did the bar scene before‬ becoming a Christian and touring with several Contemporary Christian music groups in the 70′s and early 80′s, later becoming a session musician and working in several major recording studios in the southeast. A song that extends from that influence in my life is ‘Sing Allelujah / El Shaddai’.”

‪His major influences to date include Larry Carlton, Pat‬ Matheney, George Benson, Earl Klugh, Joe Pass, Ken Navarro and many‬ ‪more, including CCM guitarist Phil Keaggy. Reg now enjoys performing‬ ‪in Restaurants, jazz clubs and music festivals, often as a solo artist‬ ‪but also with his close musical associate, saxophonist Al Lewis,‬ ‪performing together in their Jazz duo “Earth to Heaven.”‬

Reggie’s musical acumen is expressed more and more as of late through his role as producer. Whether it’s performing, composing, appearing on artists’ music, or sculpting the sound of other talented musicians, it’s obvious that Reggie Stokes’s sound is going to be around for some time.


Recent clients include:

  • Tom Williams Porsche
  • Bromberg’s Jewelers
  • Martin Law Firm of Birmingham
  • Cardiology associates
  • Alexander City
  • Cardiology associates, UAB medicine, Birmingham
  • The Southern Company
  • The Fish Market Restaurant
  • Parrish Seafood Restaurant

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